In plumbing, along with Pres Block and Radiant Klima systems we specialized in production of manifolds for underfloor heating and cooling, as well as push-in connectors for wall/ceiling radiant heating and cooling systems.

In radiant systems with heating and cooling cycles, plastic manifolds and collectors are being increasingly used in order to avoid condensation problems. Furthermore, Pres Block’s fixed-point regulation systems are ideal for managing all climatic conditions in all types of environment.

For wall and ceiling radiant systems, Pres Block’s rapid connectors with a bayonet system are ideal for a safe and secure watertight seal over time. The new transparent range facilitates the work of operators in the correct installation of all permanent connections.

Pres Block’s plastic brackets, flow-meters, lockshield and loading/unloading valves complete our brass, stainless steel, Monosea and Modular manifold kits which can be used in any kind of radiant system.