About Us

MAVERICK POWER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED extend high quality services in the area of Design, Engineering, Consulting, Testing and Commissioning in the Transmission & Distribution and Power Generation sectors our main focus is to meet the requirements of our Clients and their satisfaction without compromising the quality.

Our area of expertise includes the following:

    • Design & Engineering of AIS and GIS Substation upto voltage level of 400kV Power stations including Offshore wind projects, Onshore wind projects, Solar projects and Battery storage systems and Industrial projects.
    • Electrical System studies
    • Consultancy services
    • Preparation of 3D drawings and Implementation
    • Project Management
    • Site Commissioning
    • Site Management

Along with our above services, we can provide you a wide range of products for the requirements of medical, electrical equipment, compressors, generators, valves, manifolds, heating and cooling systems for various applications from our partners.