Medical Systems

We provide complete medical gas pipelining systems.

We began to expand the choice of products for medical gases, introducing different types of decompression cylinders for control units and at the same time support accessories, such as flowmeters and suction units. We recently introduced in our catalogue the bedhead units, proposing a range complete with equipment for medical gas systems and implants.

We can supply products such as Bed Head panels, Control panels, Manifolds, Non-return valves, Pigtails, High pressure connections, Alarms, II stage units, Cylinder regulators, Flowmeters, Humidifiers, Vacuum regulators, Vacuum pumps, Compressors and suction bottle, etc.


A Flowmeter (or flow sensor) is an instrument used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas.

Flowmeters are available in Different Standards Such as

  • ·     AFNOR NF S 90-116
  • ·     DIN 13260-2
  • ·     BS 5682
  • ·     UNI 9507
  • ·     G ¼”

We can Provide

  •     ·     15 Lpm Flowmeters
  •     ·     30 Lpm Flowmeters
  •     ·     50 Lpm Flowmeters

Flowmeters are available as Single Flowmeter and Double Flowmeter. Double Flowmeter available in Two Versions: Composed of a 15 Lpm Flowmeter + 30 Lpm Flowmeters or with two 30 Lpm Flowmeters.


The Vacuum regulator Regulates and Measures the Vacuum used for Medical Suction.

There are three models that differ on the basis of the degree of vacuum the user needs to Regulate:

  •             ·       1000 up to -950 mBar
  •             ·       600 up to -600 mBar
  •             ·       250 up to -250 mBar


We can Provide Compressors for Medical use, Professional use and for Industrial use.

Compressors available are

  •             ·       Rotary Screw Compressors
  •             ·       Scroll Compressors
  •             ·       Piston compressors